Artist Statement

Wendy Rombough

I am a Photographer/Artist based in Toronto, Canada. I work in different areas of photography including fine art, portraiture, commercial and commissioned work. I studied Photography at Ryerson University and George Brown College.

In my fine art practice I am drawn to capture photographs of beauty and interest that inspire me, as I go about my life.  

I search out interesting designs in nature and everyday things, compositions and shapes which I bring into my process through the photographic image. I am inspired by tone, light, texture and colour. I like to create with a layer or two of reality, and make it into an abstract image with digital tools. My work evolves and progresses as I continue learning new techniques and methods, with both photography and the digital process.

Within my Abstract Mandala series, I feel a sense of meditation and peace. Gazing into the images, I become more mindful and grounded. I hope that others also have that experience when viewing my work.